Greenville, SC
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  • Plan, Strategize and Tactically execute.
    Become Equipped and Trained.
  • Change, foresight, and adaptability.
    Learn great leadership.
  • Know Yourself, Control Yourself, Know Others, Connect to Others.
    Connecting and linking are what we are passionate about providing.


Corporate Energy founder, John Horton, is a gifted motivational speaker and facilitator who provides performance consulting, corporate training, and education to the marketplace. His trademark and brand is ENERGY! Whether it is a thirty-minute keynote speech or a three-day workshop, John connects with his audience and stays connected.

John’s passion is facilitating and assisting others to discover their potential and purpose - this is why he does what he does. With over thirty-five years of corporate experience, he is embedded with manufacturing, marketing and sales excellence.

John's greatest gift is how he facilitates through involvement, involvement, and involvement! Sessions come to life and skills are learned and internalized for lasting effective change.

Enthusiasm is contagious, and when used with knowledge, connections and skills, results are readily achieved!

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Achieving Operational Excellence

22-07-2015 Hits:1679 The Latest John Horton

    I have learned working with several clients over the past several years that some achieve operational excellence at a faster pace than others.  Here is what I have observed and...

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Leading vs. Managing: The Critical Diffe…

20-03-2015 Hits:1756 The Latest John Horton

Leading vs. Managing: The Critical Difference

The difference between leading and managing is even more important in today's rapidly changing world.  Imagine yourself riding a bicycle.  The back wheel in this metaphor relates to management -...

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Leadership, Effectiveness, and the Three…

28-01-2015 Hits:1829 The Latest John Horton

Leadership, Effectiveness, and the Three Constants in Life

Leadership, Effectiveness and the Three Constants in Life Effectiveness can be defined as getting what you want and getting it over and over again. To do this, we all need to...

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The Power of the Present

21-11-2014 Hits:2300 The Latest John Horton

The Power of the Present

The Present In a university commencement addrss several years ago, Brian Dyson, CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises, spoke of the relation of work to one's other commitments: “Imagine life is a game...

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Assembling a Winning Team

08-11-2014 Hits:2406 The Latest John Horton

Assembling a Winning Team

In my 40 years of corporate experience and owning my own business, I've found that he most important ingredient in a company's success is having a "winning team".   Jim Collins, in...

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Four Characteristics of High Performers

03-11-2014 Hits:1904 The Latest John Horton

Four Characteristics of High Performers:   1) Open to feedback – you solicit it and listen. You do not always agree with it or necessarily change, but you ask several open ended...

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The Secret of Negotiation

20-10-2014 Hits:1884 Sales Tips John Horton

When someone hears the word "negotiation" they immediately think, "oh no!" and anticipate deception, ploys, and manipulation. Negotiation, though, is simply TRADING, the key to creating growth and wealth. The...

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