Greenville, SC

John's Approach


Mission: To provide leadership skills for individuals, teams and organizations in order to achieve operational excellence and topline growth.

Strategy: Based on your needs and desired results, John will create a custom intervention, enabling your company to completely engage its workforce and maximize individual and company potential.

In John’s high energy workshops, participants:

  • Learn the difference between managing and leading
  • Discover and maximize their individual, team and organizational capability
  • Learn how to make the transition from individual contributor to managing others
  • Learn how to lead and drive change
  • Learn the process and skills of negotiation
  • Discover and learn about their leadership style
  • Learn effective time management principles and practices
  • Learn how to elevate people from do-ers to leaders
  • Learn effective coaching skills
  • Maximize their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills
  • Recognize and capitalize on different behavioral styles
  • Implement the 4 stages of team development
  • Learn to effectively resolve conflict
  • Learn how to handle performance issues
  • Discover how to hold people accountable
  • Learn effective presentation skills
  • Discover how to engage teams so they can start solving the company’s problems and improve its performance
  • Engage in the 4 roles of leadership
  • Learn how to set goals

John’s workshops involve a tremendously high level of energy and engagement and are centered around the problems related to your specific issues. While most companies sell a process or system, Corporate Energy provides skills and behavioral changes.